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InterActive LegalSuite™ Clio Manage Integration

The InterActive LegalSuite™ Clio Manage Integration gives InterActive Legal subscribers the ability to quickly and easily create clients in their InterActive LegalSuite document drafting practice system by importing their Clio Manage contacts. This integration allows seamless import of the contact information and other details entered in Clio Manage (i.e., spouse, beneficiaries, and other parties) into a NEW InterActive LegalSuite Client Interview. When importing into ILS, subscribers are prompted to select a Matter from Clio that will be used as a reference for ILS to import the Client and any Related Contacts linked in that Matter.  Contact for more information.


Clio Manage Integration is FREE
for all InterActive LegalSuite subscribers that also subscribe to Clio Manage.

Already using Clio, but not yet an InterActive Legal subscriber? 



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About Clio 

Clio offers law firms a cloud-based software that handles various law practice management tasks including client intake, contact management, calendaring, document management, timekeeping, billing, and trust accounting. 

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