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Attorney Collaboration Program

In an effort to provide better estate and legacy planning for clients while streamlining the referral process between the attorneys and other professionals who serve them, Yourefolio™ and InterActive Legal are launching a new financial advisor/attorney collaboration program. This new program (referred to herein as the "collaboration program") is in response to the requests from Yourefolio's financial advisor community for an easier method of finding attorneys in their geographic area to whom they may refer clients. In addition to fulfilling this need, the collaboration program gives InterActive Legal subscribers an opportunity to connect with financial advisors in their area, opening the door to new sources for networking and client referrals. As of 2018, Yourefolio is the exclusive estate planning platform used by several large Broker Dealers.

To facilitate this effort, InterActive Legal is creating a referral list, consisting of InterActive Legal subscribers who wish to participate in the collaboration program. Participation in the referral list is completely voluntary, and free of charge to InterActive Legal subscribers. Neither InterActive Legal nor Yourefolio will collect any portion of legal fees paid in connection with the collaboration program, and Yourefolio financial advisor subscribers may not collect or request any portion of the legal fees paid by the client or any other form of payment for the referral. The collaboration process will be streamlined for attorneys who subscribe to both InterActive Legal and Yourefolio, due to integration between the platforms. However, InterActive Legal subscribers may participate in the collaboration program with no obligation to subscribe to Yourefolio.

How it Works

Financial advisors who subscribe to Yourefolio will click a link to request attorney referral sources in their geographic area. The Yourefolio platform will then provide a list of up to three referral sources in that geographic area, comprised of attorneys subscribing to InterActive Legal and/or Yourefolio, who have opted to participate in the referral list. If there are multiple participating attorneys in a particular geographic area, the system will randomly choose three participants to display to the financial advisor. The financial advisor may choose to refer the client to an attorney on the referral list, and collaborate with the attorney through the Yourefolio platform.

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